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What is TeamSTEPPS™?

Slide Notes:

Evidence-Based Teamwork System

TeamSTEPPS is a teamwork system based on 20 years experience and lessons learned from High-Reliability Organizations (HROs) (for example, military operations, aviation, community emergency response services, and nuclear power industries). These types of organizations have been conducting extensive research on how teams work, what makes them effective and how to enhance their performance. This research is directly relevant to health care because delivering effective care requires teamwork.

Designed to Improve Team Effectiveness

TeamSTEPPS has incorporated the best practices from this research into a program to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of health care by improving communication and other teamwork skills. These skills lead to important team outcomes like enabling the teams to:

Practical and Adaptable

Designed with input from the medical community, it is an initiative that will work within the daily functioning of our organization (it is practical) and can be customized (adapted) to meet our organization’s needs. For example, we could identify an appropriate teamwork tool/process to help address a known problem (from a variety of options) that will best work within a specific department and focus time on training the team to use that tool.

[Note: If you have a specific “problem” that a department or the organization is struggling with , use it as the example here; it will have more impact and focus the discussion/presentation on specific issues that are relevant to your senior leadership.]

Ready-to-Use Materials

The TeamSTEPPS program provides materials to integrate teamwork principles into all areas of our health care system (for example, medical and support areas) so that everyone is focusing on teamwork, and the ongoing support to keep teamwork as the focus during daily work. The success of this program depends on enhancing the culture of our organization to focus on teamwork.