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Leadership Briefing Slides

Index of Slides: Text Only Version

  1. Executive Briefing
  2. What is TeamSTEPPS™?
  3. Why Use TeamSTEPPS?
  4. Why Invest in TeamSTEPPS?
  5. What Can TeamSTEPPS Do for Us?
  6. What Can TeamSTEPPS Do for Us?
  7. What Can TeamSTEPPS Do for Us?
  8. What Makes TeamSTEPPS Different?
  9. What Will Our Teams Learn?
  10. How Does TeamSTEPPS Work?
  11. What Do We Need to Make This Work?
  12. What Does Training Cost? Key to Table Figures
  13. What Does Training Cost?
  14. How Do We Start?
  15. Training for the Guiding Team
  16. Backup Slides
  17. National Teamwork Initiatives
  18. Importance of Communication
  19. What Does it Cost?
  20. Resources Available

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