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TeamSTEPPS: National Implementation TeamSTEPPS: National Implementation TeamSTEPPS: National Implementation

About The TeamSTEPPS Logo

TeamSTEPPS Logo. The logo is a triangle that has 4 blocks inside a circle entitled Patient Care Team.  The words Knowledge, Attitudes, and Performance appear in each point of the triangle and point through the Patient Care Team circle to the Skills blocks entitled Leadership, Communication, Situation Monitoring, and Mutual Support.

The TeamSTEPPS triangle logo is a visual model that represents some basic but critical concepts related to teamwork training as explained below.

Individuals can learn four primary trainable teamwork skills. These are:
1.  Leadership.
2.  Communication.
3.  Situation monitoring.
4.  Mutual support.

If a team has tools and strategies it can leverage to build a fundamental level of competency in each of those skills, research has shown that the team can enhance three types of teamwork outcomes:
1.  Performance.
2.  Knowledge.
3.  Attitudes.

For example, if every member of the team has basic competency in situation monitoring and communication, it is incumbent upon them to build shared mental models more effectively. Improved outcomes beget greater proficiency (improved teamwork skills) and a desire to be a part of the team (attitudes). Such is the reciprocal relationship between skills and outcomes.

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